March 21, 2010

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How to Turn Terracotta Pots Into Candle Holders

By: coolboy On: Sunday, March 21, 2010
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  • Terracotta pots are used as candle holders. They're well suited for a number of different craft projects. It takes about a minute to transform a terracotta pot into a simple and elegant candle holder. Invest 5 minutes in decorating and you will have a singular, durable work of art.

    Plug the hole in the bottom of the pot with something that won't burn or melt when exposed to burning wax. One quick and cheap way of doing this is to put a quarter, dollar coin or other metal disk over the hole from the inside. It may be necessary to seal the plug in place with a little bit of melted wax from another candle. Keep in mind that if the wax holding it in place melts when the candle burns down, your sealing piece may move.
    Place your chosen candle into the terracotta pot. You may choose to hold it in place with a little melted wax from another candle.
    Decorate your terracotta candle holder on the inside, outside or both. Some easy decorating options include colored sand and decorative stones on the inside or acrylic paint, ribbons and markers on the outside.

    A lit candle is a fire hazard. Always burn your candle on a fireproof surface and never leave it unattended.
    It is vital that you plug the hole in the bottom of your new candle holder. If you don't, hot wax may leak out and start a fire. If you plug the hole with a quarter, monitor it closely when the candle burns down low to make sure it does not shift in the softening wax.
    If the terracotta pot you want to used is not glazed on the inside, you need to seal it yourself to keep it from absorbing melted wax and becoming a fire hazard. One useful product for this is Mod-Podge, available on most craft stores.
    If you don't want to seal the hole with a quarter, you can use a terracotta drip tray or saucer that matches the size of the pot.


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